Our Department positions itself as a hub of research in the areas of linguistics, literature, translation, and pedagogy. The research carried out by the academics contributes significantly to various disciplinary discussions. In this way, this unit participates in a global collective conversation aimed at solving problems, creating solutions, and reflecting on our professional and teaching practices. As part of the investigative work, the academics of the Department participate in and win awards for both internal and external research projects. These projects generate instances of encounter and dialogue that are later disseminated in various publication formats, such as talks, seminars, conferences, articles, essays, chapters, and books.
Today, the research of the Department of Linguistics and Literature is moving towards multidisciplinarity, seeking and building bridges between areas of knowledge to explore different phenomena of linguistics and literature. We invite you to review the proposals, projects, and research lines of the academics of our Department, who proudly contribute to the development of the Arts and Humanities.
Strategies for the research area
  • Enhance current research lines and develop new research lines on topics of regional, national, and international relevance.
  • Develop and enhance inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research that contributes to technological transfer and the development of entrepreneurship as well as innovation.